Heart-Shaped Jewelry You’ll Love to Wear

“Barbiecore” is a neologism that has become so popular lately that it is almost uncomfortable to give it space in another article, but if there’s a fitting place to mention it, it’s in a discussion about heart-themed accessories. One might think of the playful pink and cartoon-like simple hearts in Mattel’s toy line, which appear in adult collections by designers like Anne Sisteron, Emily P. Wheeler, and Anna Lou, and they look fresh. In the Barbie movie, Margot Robbie’s eponymous character wears a more elaborate gold-plated sterling silver heart pendant designed by semi-boutique brand Missoma. Meanwhile, in Just Like That, Sarah Jessica Parker’s portrayal of Carrie Bradshaw — who is likely to be described as an unofficial New York Barbie doll — wears a gold spiked heart-shaped pendant with a radial diamond pattern by Marlo Laz.

Brands like Repossi break the dark and celebrate the 10th anniversary of their Antifer Heart collection this year. The series uses only the silhouette of the shape, but at unexpected angles. Foundrae cleverly hides this theme in its abacus-inspired Heart Beat collection of gold beads: they are decorated with enamel and gemstones, with heart-shaped holes that can be strung on bracelets and chains.

For some jewelers, all it takes is a heart-shaped gemstone to follow this trend. Others put their own stamp on it. Karina Brez’s Horse Luv design features the silhouette of two horses with their heads meeting to create a heart. Annette Welander designed a complex 3D labyrinth structure with a diamond at the end. Reinventing an icon is a daunting task, but an iconic shift can create a style that will endure for a long time.

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